Groovy Girls Go……Ballin’

…….Melon Ballin’ That Is 😀 I woke up Friday morning to my phone flashing with a message from Coach Stef. My name had been drawn by TimeFrame Photography for a free entry into the Mellon Dash (a local run during a local festival). Obviously I hadn’t planned to run it, didn’t have a babysitter, had […]

Groovy Girls Go………..Falling Down

I heard nothing as I dropped from the sky at a speed I’ll never know, and frankly, never care to know. It was a moment of complete silence, when all I heard….all I felt…..was my heart beating, no make that pounding. I wasn’t really much of anything other than present. The earth was far below. […]

Missoula Marathon Part Next: Groovy Girls Go…….Inspired

Missoula Marathon Part Next: Groovy Girls Go…………Inspiration “Mama,” Montana’s questioning voice begins, “why are you crying?” We’re walking back from having just had coffee and visiting with my family and friends after crossing the Missoula Marathon finish line. After crossing the finish line I find myself bending over to catch my breathe, it’s then that […]

Groovy Girls Go……..All Eyes on the Prize

Groovy Girls Go………..All Eyes on the Prize The world’s eyes are on Boston. No matter if you’ve ever been there or not, after the 2013 Marathon, everyone knows Boylston Street. I know it well. I’ve walked the street, I’ve ran the street, I’ve shed tears on that street, I’ve smiled and hugged on that street, […]

Groovy Girls Go …….. When the Pace is Second to the Company

What keeps me going, day in and day out, making time for the run… village! I’m not one of those people who “love” getting on the tredmill during the week at 5 am when my daughter is curled up next to me, snuggly and cute…..but I do it because it’s the work that needs to […]

Groovy Girls Go……Satisfying A Crave

I have found, that as I get older, I really crave the friendship and support of other ladies. Especially in these last two years of my life. I want to find ‘girls’ that are supportive, can laugh at themselves, can laugh at each other, run, jump, climb, slip, drink wine, and live life. As I […]