Little Groovy Girls Go……….To Play

Much to the dismay of an ultra-committed-public-school-teacher-who-LOVES-her-job, my little girl does not (like school that is). She does not like getting her hair brushed. She does not like matching. She does not like school. Thankfully she does not overly-struggle academically, so even though this dislike saddens me, it does not alarm me. I’m learning from […]

Groovy Girls Go After The Colored Eggs

Everyone knows that the colored eggs are the valuable ones and Tana caught on quickly this Easter season.  She even went out shopping and picked herself out some not only pink-a-rific looking shoes but ones that allowed her to go “smokin’ fast” for her Egg~Stravaganza and one mile run…….. “Montana, there is a one mile […]

We always wave to our fans and when we earn a trophy we alert the media!

Montana had a little help with forming the paragraphs – apparently they don’t cover those in kindergarten…but all quotes are her own! 😉 I knew the day would come when Montana Skye would want to lace up and toe the line at a race.  She’s, in many ways, already paid her dues.  She’s been Jostled […]