2013 recapped!

I recently saw a few “2013: My year in running” posts and thought it a stroke of genius since I seem to suck at race reports and it wraps it all up nicely in one post! The early part of 2013 consisted of training for the spring Flying Pig Marathon. Running through ice, snow, blizzards…you […]

Groovy Girls Go …… And If We Fall, We Get Back Up

To read about the first half of Kacey’s race on Thunderbolt mountain look here…..and now for the rest of the race! After one takes in the 360* view of the pines, rocks, big sky, fluffy patches of white clouds, and says a thanks to nature, while standing on the tippy top of Thunderbolt mountain, one […]

Groovy Girls Go Fast to First at the Grand Prix Shakedown…….

The Grand Prix Shakedown is an annual 5k on Belle Isle – the week before the Grand Prix.  The Shakedown is supported by the Downtown Runners and Walkers and is a great chance to run around beautiful Belle Isle with your closest friends and also features some awesome prizes which are raffled off to entrants – so […]

When is a season ending injury not a season ending injury?

It turns out that much like the common cold, random injuries apparently have no regard for race registrations or training plans and they can in fact jump up and bite you at any given unsuspecting moment. Let me start at the beginning: 3 or so weeks ago I woke up on a Tuesday morning to […]

Groovy Girls Go Because We Can…………

As Katherine mentioned here, recently the Trail Runner Blog symposium posed a question to bloggers: Is the introduction of bigger prize purses at trail races a positive or negative thing overall ….Or can it just be a change? A change, not all that different than the truth that there are waiting lists now for trail […]

Groovy Girls Go Even If They Don’t Know How To Go……..

  Once upon a time I was merely a “mid-distance” runner as my high school jacket boasted.  I never dreamed I’d run in double digits. Quite frankly, I had no idea people really did that. Then, my runner friend coaxed me to the finish, puking and dry heaving, but crossing 13.1.  Then I wondered if […]