Groovy Girls Go Fast to First at the Grand Prix Shakedown…….

The Grand Prix Shakedown is an annual 5k on Belle Isle – the week before the Grand Prix.  The Shakedown is supported by the Downtown Runners and Walkers and is a great chance to run around beautiful Belle Isle with your closest friends and also features some awesome prizes which are raffled off to entrants – so […]

Want to be on our team?

This Sunday, after getting up early (even earlier with the time change!) to get our run in, we volunteered as part of the Downtown Runners and Walkers group to marshall at the Corktown St Patrick’s Day 5k race. We were prescribed a location at Michigan Ave and 3rd, and after Starbucks, parking and picking up […]

Just another speed session in a blizzard….

It was Superbowl Sunday.  We spent our early morning standing in the 10 degree weather handing out water to runners at the Superbowl 5k…..runners who, for the most part it turns out, didn’t actually want our water that was quickly turning into ice in the cups….our plan was to get our run in after our assigned […]

My secret glitter obsession has found a way to merge with my running obsession!

I’ll be honest!  I love holding a sign almost as much as I love running an event, probably even more.  I’m a lucky “sole” because I’ll lace up to put some miles in with or without a race or event on my “schedule.”  I just love to run. With that said, I have a super-power […]

Welcome. Getting to the point!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a perfect day to write the first “official” post for this little blog that has existed in my head for a while. This will be a collaborative blog with posts written by different “groovy girls”, sharing with you our adventures and a few of the crazy stories that we pick up along […]