2013 recapped!

I recently saw a few “2013: My year in running” posts and thought it a stroke of genius since I seem to suck at race reports and it wraps it all up nicely in one post! The early part of 2013 consisted of training for the spring Flying Pig Marathon. Running through ice, snow, blizzards…you […]

The five year comeback….

Kacey told me that I should document (for the sake of history!) my journey and comeback to marathon running….it was a long and torturous path…so bear with me for it may be a long and tortorous post! This story begins with the Marathon that we do not name! This has become kind of a joke, […]

You can do this! – Week 2

Congratulations! You made it through week 1! Week 1 was about getting moving, and getting used to exercising 6 days/week. That takes some scheduling and adapting. If things didn’t quite go “to plan” make a decision on whether to repeat week 1 or move on to week 2 where we are increasing the length of […]