Groovy Girls Go………Right Back Around

Groovy Girls Go……… Round in a Circle As I head out for a run around Blacktail Lake in Williston, North Dakota I wonder what had me so excited to be heading out to go round and round and round in circles? The sky was beautiful with feathery layers of clouds rhythmically traveling across the prairie. […]

Long run…..road trip!

This time Kacey couldn’t help but make a few comments, she got the italics this time! Long run….road trip! A destination run, when you’ve done 30 miles on a treadmill, is like a mini-vacation!  Especially when you know the company is going to be great too! When you meet a new friend at mile 8 […]

The only question Katherine and I had was whether or not to take her new Yaks out of the sealed box before we started what was to become our next something!

Again this is Kacey’s post….but I will be popping in with my 2 cents here and there ‘cos we all know that the best stories are shared stories and I just can’t help interjecting! 😉 Katherine No one can really “plan” an adventure as the simple act of planning makes it a plan that has […]