Groovy Girls Go…….To Give Out Homemade Water

Aside from watching people run a course that I would probably, no I mean, I would ABSOLUTELY love; I instead was a part of 300 people who made it possible for over 1500 others.  Yes, we were part of the “Just Finish” water stop that was situated so we were able to see many runners […]

Groovy Girls Go……Satisfying A Crave

I have found, that as I get older, I really crave the friendship and support of other ladies. Especially in these last two years of my life. I want to find ‘girls’ that are supportive, can laugh at themselves, can laugh at each other, run, jump, climb, slip, drink wine, and live life. As I […]

Groovy Girls Go ……… Major Miles with Smiles

“Huddle up Downtown Runner Guys and ummmmm Gal.” Ken roars as he gets everyone gathered for the start of my weekly 10k speed work. The Detroit Runners and Walkers is a club like no other, with people like no other!  It’s my weekly “playing,” penned in on my schedule that doesn’t get changed for much […]