Groovy Girls Go…….Something is Better Than Nothing

I had two phone calls this morning.  One phone call was to tell me my daughter would be home in an hour and the next phone call was to get my ass in gear.

Well….not really, but that was my take-away.  I thought I had the whole morning to myself and it was now looking like I had more like a few minutes.  I had work to do, laundry, dishes in the sink, a school year to get planning for, grass that needed cutting, words to be written……..yet I am not good unless my toes twinkle….even if it’s just for a tiny bit.

I am haunted with the thoughts and visuals of our country lately.  I, along with many of my friends, stare at screens and footage in disbelief.  Frankly, I hope this never changes for me.  I can’t imagine being so desensitized that the acts of recent would be something that I ever come to expect of my fellow human.  I find myself in tears over what happened, praying for sense for those in roles of leadership, and hoping desperately that love does indeed win.

And so running may not change the world, but it changes my world.  Running changes my perspective regardless of the miles, the pace, the company, the course…….it’s all…..good.  Maybe that is naive, but essentially I wish for the world to have a sense of good.  A sense that good triumphs, a sense that good wins, and sense that good gives your soul peace.  I do hope for peace: just as much as I hope to run each day.  And so, given the chance, with even just a few minutes, I went for a run.  And that was good.

Groovy Girls Go…..Good



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