Groovy Girls Go…..Once Upon a Time

Groovy Girls Go………..Once Upon a Time

Races, at least for me, are the reason I give myself for traveling and seeing parts of the world I would maybe not otherwise see.

Running lets me lead a storybook life and my stories just keep running.

Fairytales live in magical worlds filled with myths, faith, belief in magic, trials to overcome, good, evil, and most importantly a happy ending. When a runner laces up, it is the gateway to a magical world. The adventure that is about to be embarked upon is bound to be filled with unpredictable twists and turns, ups and downs, and eventually experiences that stride to a happily ever after.

The magical world is opened up as the stride stretches and falls into a comfortable rhythm and the road is no longer the obstacle, but merely the path to be followed towards joy. When a runner no longer is burdened by the sound of their breathe they can then listen to the chirps of nature that more accurately metronome the pace that should be followed. The caws and trills encourage more than any crowd and nothing compares to the silencing of what otherwise would be the shouting thoughts inside our minds.

These are the magical spells that running casts upon it’s protagonist. The one who has dared to accept the challenge. The one who has nothing to lose. The one who will give everything to allow good to triumph over evil. Because…….because that is what happens when fairytales merge with our realities.

Running is the reality we get everyday to escape into a fairytale world. We, the runner, can chose the odyssey of which our shoes begin. We can chose what to arm ourselves with and at what point to use our chosen tools to fuel ourselves for the trek which lies ahead. It is the runner that controls all parts of the journey and is ultimately the one who will decide when it is time to return. Sometimes, we runners only know it is time to return when we actually have returned – when we know we are strong enough to defeat any creature. Any creature be it mortal or mystical, we now are equipped.

And so we run……everyday deciding on our trinkets to carry and our views to behold. We run because when we return, we are certain to live our days happily ever after.

Running Ruby Slippers

I totally need these!

Groovy Girls Go……..Running Happily Ever After


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