Groovy Girls Go…..Wine-ing

There’s an earthy-sweet smell when you run through a vineyard as the sun begins to glisten and warm the ripening fruit.   The earth underneath the runner’s feat feels more alive amongst the knarly roots growing and twisting around the wood polls.  The view of the green and purple hanging fruit is nature’s unique encouragement […]

GROOVY GUEST POST: One of these things is not like the other….

A guest post from our friend of a friend, who has become our friend, John. John and his family kindly hosted us for the indoor triathlon in Muskegon. Enjoy and make sure to comment! I have been reading the exploits of the Groovy Girls for some time now.  Like you, I follow the stories of […]

Sometimes it all comes together….other days not so much!

As I mentioned I don’t talk too much about my training in specifics, one of the reasons is that I see some other bloggers talking about splits for speed work or tempo runs (and I absolutely get why they do it….sometimes it is difficult to discuss a workout without mentioning pace) however I feel like […]