Groovy Girls Go…..Once Upon a Time

Groovy Girls Go………..Once Upon a Time Races, at least for me, are the reason I give myself for traveling and seeing parts of the world I would maybe not otherwise see. Running lets me lead a storybook life and my stories just keep running. Fairytales live in magical worlds filled with myths, faith, belief in […]

Goodbye to My First Hello

Saying Goodbye to the first group of 8th graders whom I also had as first graders! Goodbye and Hello 8th Grade English, As I sit here typing my goodbye, my mind begins spinning faster than my fingers can type. Stories spin in my brain all the way back to our first hello as my fingers […]

Groovy Girls Go……No Lie

If you ever need to be reminded of your worth……..go for a run. It’s an honest reflection of all that you put into life.   Family  Commitment  Love Hard Work Perseverance  Loyalty Adventure Friendship All the things that I want to be surrounded by in this lifetime I see reflected in my runs.  I was […]

Groovy Girls Go…….wound up

As the year winds down, while winding up, my mind is racing with thoughts and memories of moments I want to make sure I collect. Just like a run, some memories, like miles were harder than others…….some happened easily……..and still others were magical. I find this is exactly my life (as is probably most people’s). […]

Groovy Girls Go…..Fall-ing

I’ve fallen in love with fall, with life, with love, and thankfully I’m still in love with running. The Michigan morning was crisp, but frankly quite perfect for a run. The trail had been showered with a multitude of foliage and no step was without the cushioning spring that the layers of leaves provided. I […]

Groovy Girls Go…..Running on Empty

Running on Empty There is nothing about Friday after the work week, sleepless nights filled with haunts of living a nightmare, the sadness that goes with loss, the put-on-a-happy-face for my beautiful child, happy co-worker, mother, lover that says go for a run………oh no wait; every part of every part of that does indeed say […]