Groovy Girls Go Even If They Don’t Know How To Go……..

  Once upon a time I was merely a “mid-distance” runner as my high school jacket boasted.  I never dreamed I’d run in double digits. Quite frankly, I had no idea people really did that. Then, my runner friend coaxed me to the finish, puking and dry heaving, but crossing 13.1.  Then I wondered if […]

Groovy Girls Go ‘Til Their Legs Fall Off……..

Detroit Endurance Lab sent out an offer to Downtown Runners and Walkers that wasn’t to resist!  A discount code to an endurance bike race that boasted Free Beer and Pierogis ……. You had us at Endurance. I saw the code come through on a social network site and realized it was Winter Blast weekend in Detroit. […]

we came…we saw…we Tri-ed…

This weekend we took a road trip to the other side of the state for a little indoor triathlon action. Before this weekend we really didn’t know much about this event, we just knew it sounded fun and a little different and we had a friend of a friend who lived nearby and offered us […]