GROOVY GUEST POST: Embrace Each Step…even if it’s when running with wolves!

The following story comes from our friend Alison, a former resident of Michigan who now lives on a ranch in Montana with her husband, two gorgeous kids and dogs. Enjoy her story of running in her backyard and make sure to post your comments!   As I was getting my shoes on to leave for […]

Groovy Girls Go……..Even If At First We Think We’re Afraid

Katherine’s post about fear came through at a uniquely coincidental time. ¬†Now, some may say there are no coincidences, which I’m inclined to believe, as I think the Universe puts what and who in our path at times when, if our hearts and eyes are open, we’ll indeed recognize. Tana and I were embarking on […]

Flying pig here we come!

It’s official…..the training has begun…..we are going to the Flying Pig Marathon!   Ooooh – I just noticed the PINK medals! Anyhooo…… After a great run at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon last year working with Megan Lizotte of Hit the Ground Running¬†(we’ll be featuring some flashback posts to share the funny stories from […]