Groovy Girls Go……..Even If At First We Think We’re Afraid

Katherine’s post about fear came through at a uniquely coincidental time.  Now, some may say there are no coincidences, which I’m inclined to believe, as I think the Universe puts what and who in our path at times when, if our hearts and eyes are open, we’ll indeed recognize.

Tana and I were embarking on a hike today that I couldn’t in my mind envision how it was going to unfold.  She’s five and the rest of the group was a bit older.  Everyone was more than patient with her, and I didn’t fear that we weren’t going to have a stunning day, I just left it opened ended thinking what will be will be.

Our group again made the trek on the road to the Sun in Glacier National Park in order to then find the trail head to climb to ‘hidden lake’.  Everyone was eager to finish eating our packed lunches so one; we wouldn’t have to pack extra weight and two; we had been promised enough snow to throw snowballs.

It didn’t take us long to get to the vast fields covered in snow and no one needed directions on having fun.  We slipped, slides, wrote our names, threw balls, slush, and fell on our tush!


It was great fun and I think definitely pumped up the mood for everyone to be eager to climb on……we quickly approached which was to become the proverbial two roads in life.  Tana and I could either climb around the base of the ridge in order then move on to Hidden Lake, or we could climb straight up the ridge to see Hidden Lake, then down a ledge and on to our destination.  I’m not even really sure I realized there were two choices, I just started to lead Tana up…….and up we climbed.

We only took about two steps when Montana just instinctively got on all fours telling me, “this is working better, Mama.”
Slowly, moving from one solid rock to the next, we climbed.  I’d hold her little bum, and she’d tap around until her foot found solid nooks.  We moved slowly and carefully forgetting there was anyone else left in the world.  The two of us connected and we didn’t speak many words as I’d hold, let go, she’d inch up, slide back, find a rock, go on.

Once about half way up she turned and told me, “I know your job Mama is to keep me safe.”  She must have been internally talking herself through feelings of being scared concluding that there must not really be anything to be afraid of though, because I was there.  Another time, just a bit further up she admitted to being afraid of heights.  I told her I’d never heard her say that before and that the nearing view would make her soon want to climb everything in order to look down on all of life because frankly, its a better view.  She said Grandma had told her she was going to have breathe-taking views…….and yes we were.

There was only one dicey trek with lose gravel between two rocks and so I made up a quick little song about a mama and her daughter, Tana chimed in when I started the little jingle again and before we sang it through a third time, we were past the unsteady patch, and just all fouring it again.

Neither of us realized until we were walking the ridge line that she was by far the youngest of the few people even trekking this path, which led to her confidence both waivering and strengthening.

photo (48)

When we reached the top and looked out, the viewing was an amazing sight of green meadows, newly bloomed wild flowers as a foreground to snow covered trees and land.  There were mommy and baby Mountain goats off in the distance, the lake, and friends waiving wildly at our success!  It was at that moment that Tana looked up at me with her amazing brown eyes to simply say, “Mama, I did it.”


She may have thought on a step or two that she was afraid of heights, was too little, or was tired, yet she continued to take steps.  She never once asked to turn back or stop (though I’m not sure we even could have).

As the rocks led way to the path on the ridge we were able to climb more upright and Tana realized, “Mama, I’m getting the hang of this I think.”  Ahhhhhhhh, no truer words have been spoken.

photo (47)

She’s now got in her backpack for life, one accomplishment that many may never even have the chance to try.
She took the road less traveled.
She was willing to get down on all fours.
She was willing to take slow and steady steps forward and despite slips backwards, never stayed back.
She patiently searched for solid footing, found it, and used it to move forward.

We’d all like to think, and hope that our children will never know fear.  But truth be told, living life means daily risk taking, and not letting fear hold one down, back, or get the better of you.
If I never got to teach my daughter another lesson in life, she may have acquired on this climb to the top of the mountain ridge enough to put in her backpack to courageously push through any fear.

Together, My daughter and I, are finding courage to look our fears straight on, and just keep going……….a super-power, may we always remember we possess and generously share with all.

Groovy Girls Go……..On The Road Less Traveled.
Montana and Kacey

Remember Katherine’s great post regarding conquering fear as well as the contest Groovy Girls Go is running.  Leave a comment of a quote that speaks to triumphing over fear.  Repost our blog on a social media sight to help us get readers, followers, and responders.  Or, and one I’m hoping lots of my braver than brave friends will do; write out your own story of overcoming a fear or a fearful moment (it can even just be left as a quick comment if you’re short on time!). We’ve got an amazing village that looks at fear and just keeps going their own selves, daily!  Share!!


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