Flying pig here we come!

It’s official…..the training has begun…..we are going to the Flying Pig Marathon!



Ooooh – I just noticed the PINK medals! Anyhooo……

After a great run at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon last year working with Megan Lizotte of Hit the Ground Running (we’ll be featuring some flashback posts to share the funny stories from the weekend!) I am fired up for a great year in 2013! With a “published objective” aka #tweetitanditwillcometrue to take at least 10 mins off my marathon PR in 2013 and run a sub 3:30 marathon in 2013…..phew that looks alot scarier in writing! lol So, lots of miles, and butt strengthening (I’ll be posting about that separately!) between now and then but the flying pig is step one (or I guess a whole lot of steps really!) on the journey!

So why the Flying pig? 

I was looking for a later spring marathon, to keep training over the bitter Michigan winter but not have to run 20 miles in an ice storm (hopefully!) and loved the course support in Chicago. My previous marathon (aka the one that we don’t talk about!) was an out and back course, which was fairly deserted and after I crashed and burned at mile 16 felt awfully lonely and the lake views were not as beautiful at that point as I had imagined! I won’t mention the name of that particular marathon because I know many people who love it and as Kacey says “if you need a crowd to run 26.2 miles you need to look inside yourself….” but let’s just say that the crowd made the miles go by quicker! 😉 So, I was looking for a bigger marathon, in the late spring per instructions from Coach Megan! I of course googled various spring marathons, read reviews, obsessively checked course maps and finally told Kacey that we were going for the flying pig – yeah that’s how we roll! 😉

Full disclosure!

I have been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to share your fears and set backs (I don’t like the word “failure”) in this sharing (read pinteresting, blogging, facebooking, tweeting world that we live in) it is easy to believe that you are the only one flailing and everyone else is just busting out 6 min miles everyday and looking perfect doing it!

So FEARS….. (disclaimer: please treat my fears with kid gloves they can’t take you rocking up to me at the bar and blurting them out like they are your old friends 😉 )


These hills…..or more accurately the constant uphill from mile 5 through 8….is a little scary! Typically I am not great at hill running so I see a lot of hill repeats in our near future…maybe icy hill repeats or treadmill hills!

Have you ever run the flying pig? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips! We will keep you updated on the training…and the hills!….as the weeks fly by!



3 thoughts on “Flying pig here we come!

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