About us!

We are girls living and loving life. We all know each other in real life and sometimes adventure together and other times separately with boyfriends/kids/other friends but when we get together you can pretty much guarantee one thing….we are laughing and telling great stories!

So we created this little blog to share those stories, thoughts and wishes for the world with all of you – why should we get to have all the fun!

Here is some insider info on our “Groovy Girls”:


Dayjobs: Teaches 3rd grade, Mum to Montana (6)

Running: Accomplished Marathon runner with 3:24. 5 Boston Marathons and many others. 2nd Over-All Female in the 2013 Jackson, MI Wildlife Marathon.  Over- All Female Winner of the Sault Ste Marie Marathon 2015.  Furthest distance raced 50 miles (yes, that is not a typo! 😉 50 Mile Race Female Over-All Winner) Smile Wild finish

Races “officially” on the calendar:  Big Sur 2016

Other sport loves: Snowshoeing, Biking, Kayak, Laughing

Originally from: Montana

Connect with her on Twitter: @KaceyTulley


Dayjobs: Automotive Engineer at Ford, kikaPaprika fashion consultant

Running: Marathon PR 3:24

Races “officially” on the calendar: 

Final kick to the finish

Final kick to the finish

Other sport loves: Paddleboarding, Waterskiing (anyone want to take me out with their ski boat? 😉 )

Originally from: Essex, UK

Connect with her on Twitter: @Katiejanemaria


3 thoughts on “About us!

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    • Hi Leta
      You can join one of our Groovy Girls Go Outings. If you are interested in guest posting, shoot us an email (katiejanemaria@gmail.com) to let us know what topics you have in mind.

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