Groovy Girls Go……….Buckin’ and Ropin’ and Ridin’ Oh My

If you’ve never been to an authentic rodeo…… should…….these things are fun and fun is good! (Yes a little play curtesy of Dr. Seuss.) I’ve been to plenty of rodeos while growing up in Montana. I always enjoyed getting in at the Rosebud County Fair and watching this life that seemed so “old-school-cowboy” being passionately […]

Little Groovy Girls Go………..Farming The Faith Bible Camp

My Grandma has a camp each summer and I get to come to Montana to be at the camp. My mama helps out at the camp. She did the games this year! Farming the Faith PR Country Comfort’s farm report usually boasts of golden winter wheat to harvest, but by the end of the first […]

GROOVY GUEST POST: Embrace Each Step…even if it’s when running with wolves!

The following story comes from our friend Alison, a former resident of Michigan who now lives on a ranch in Montana with her husband, two gorgeous kids and dogs. Enjoy her story of running in her backyard and make sure to post your comments!   As I was getting my shoes on to leave for […]

Groovy Girls Go …… And If We Fall, We Get Back Up

To read about the first half of Kacey’s race on Thunderbolt mountain look here…..and now for the rest of the race! After one takes in the 360* view of the pines, rocks, big sky, fluffy patches of white clouds, and says a thanks to nature, while standing on the tippy top of Thunderbolt mountain, one […]