Groovy Girls Go …….. And Do Remember

We often don’t know if what we do makes any difference at all…..and then one day, when the neighbor girl is over climbing up the slide, we get our affirmation.

One of my problems in life, and I use the term problem loosely to not – at – all, is that I love to do a lot of things.  I think life is too short, and we’re not guaranteed any set amount of minutes we get to plan, and so I often say no to nothing that I think is going to positively impact our lives.  I say, yes, a lot.  I am certain that I could be a better __________ (fill in the blank) if I would commit more to any one thing, but I just can’t see the point.  I think in a lot of ways I’m pretty lucky to have the opportunities that I do, and I think opportunities come because I do say yes.  I may not be able to quote too many movies or follow along to talk radio in the morning because I’m more than likely behind in my pop-culture.  However, I find that I’m rarely at a loss for a good story from a good adventure.  

And so, this weekend, as my daughter and her friend played, I listened to my daughter so confidently begin to be that “apple that didn’t fall far.”  They were negotiating who was going to get time on the swings, monkey bars, and the slide of the small play structure.  There came a time where I thought they may both want to be on the slide, but then Tana stepped back as the friend ran up the slide calling out, I’m climbing a Mountain, I want to stay on the slide more.  Tana looked at her and then walked over to the swing.  “Go ahead” she called out with no attitude intended, just a simple fact, “you can do that as much as you want because I’ve climbed a real mountain with my Mama.”

I looked up from my book to make eye contact with my swinging daughter, she titled her head, smiled, gave me the I Love You sign, and pumped her legs to swing higher. 

I returned her smile, and the sign, and then returned to my book.  Well Rounded With Good Stories………

Little Groovy Girls Go …………Falling Not Far From Their TreeImage

Climbing a Mountain at Glacier National Park, summer of 2013 when Tana was 5 years old.


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