Groovy Girls Go…….Where We’ve Already Been But With New Eyes

Whenever I return home to Forsyth now with my daughter, I realize how much life has stayed the same, yet changed dramatically.  I’ve run this small town so many times I can probably give you a rock by rock description, yet today, it was all new!

It’s not the expected to wake up for a morning run, head out the door, and then turn back around to leave inside my sunglasses (and consider putting on a long sleeve).  This was to be the start of what was going to be a lucky run day… of those days where each step found solid footing and the views brought great thoughts.

When you’re not smokin’ hot, gasping, or in pain that won’t stop, I love a solid run through my old stompin’ grounds.  It’s a route I can do with my eyes closed; but sure glad today they were wide open.

The Rosebud County Fair is this weekend and the fair grounds are blooming to life.  I don’t usually have much of an audience on my early morning runs; today was different.  The rides were being put together by a team of men that seemed just as chipper about this cooler weather as I.

On a usually abandoned road I found my first treasure, a dime.  I’ve got a running inside story with a friend whom I won a story bet with and the prize was 25 cents. Since I didn’t answer my friend’s question “right, ” but was “right,” my prize is 25 cents – one PeNnY at a time.  I hadn’t found one in a few weeks, and it didn’t look like today was going to be any different.  I went up the hill towards the cometary, and for those who know, know I lost a friend as a junior in high school, and always make time to get by and say, “hi.”  I hadn’t this year and just as I was to pass by the gates a shiny “treasure” caught my eye……yup, another dime.  I figured since I changed directions to grab my gem I may as well keep going on in, and I’m never sorry I stop by.
I’m reminded immediately of the frailty of life, and the importance of keeping connections to those we love open and tended.  I’m reminded  of treating everyone i meet as if it may be theirs, or our last minutes, because you just never know……

I continue on, eager to capitalize on these great feelings and even greater views.

Everyone in town must have woke up on the right side of the bed, because I don’t think there was a vehicle that passed that didn’t give a zealous wave hello.  I loved each one and each one helped me take another step forward.  Up hills I went, down streets I’d played on as a girl, and around the boat docks where I’ve built more than one Bon fire in order to shoot the breeze with friends way past the sun goin’ down.  I ran up and down the softball field bleachers and then around the bases.

It was in this last mile where I found a very tarnished, covered in dirt, had been ran over more than once, but yet at it’s core…..was a penny.  And it had found its way home, to me.   My lucky day continues……

It was fun running through the streets of town going past old friend’s houses.  I’ve got a lot of hours logged in some of those places, playing and making plans to see the world.  Typical then, that I would use my vacation time to come back, from the big places I said I would go to, to the small town where I was planted.

I’ve been lucky to grow a vine long enough to allow me to see so many roads of the world, thick enough to never get entirely broken, and rooted solidly enough in the soil where I was planted, to always follow my own self back.  I’m glad I had a lucky-run day: because if you’re lucky enough to run, you may be lucky enough, and if you’re lucky enough to run under any part of the Big Sky you may be lucky enough, but to run back through your history with smiles,  waves, and lots of luck, well…..that’s blessed.

Groovy Girls Run……With Eyes Wide Open


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