Little Groovy Girls Go………..Farming The Faith Bible Camp

My Grandma has a camp each summer and I get to come to Montana to be at the camp. My mama helps out at the camp. She did the games this year!

Farming the Faith

PR Country Comfort’s farm report usually boasts of golden winter wheat to harvest, but by the end of the first week of July, they’ll be Farming some Faith.

Sixteen youthful seeds were planted on a Monday and during the course of the week Seeds were woed with joyful songs, fertilized with healthy snacks, tended to with encouraging stories from the bible, and strengthened by play and movement. The light and life of The Lord was breathed into each camper as the breeze blew and carried the laughter of the youth throughout the camp.

Messages from the stories of Creation, Noah’s Arc, Jonah and the Whale, and Daniel and the Lion, were shared daily through lessons, songs, crafts, and games. Activities that share the message of Christianity while the backdrop boasts of the rugged beauty of the Eastern Montana big sky. Children sing their praise to God while enjoying a hay ride daily by Farmer Phil around the developing fields. The kids take notice of how Farmer Phil tends to his crop, just like they are being tended to by the caring camp staff.

‘Farming the Faith’ camp director, Renee Steinberger has for three years now, recruited a team of gardeners that bring a plethora of talents, years of experience, and faiths to tend to the young campers. She seeks out those who not only have a love of The Lord, but a gift of being able to share His message in a way that children can grasp the stories of love, hope, and kindness in a camp-on-the-farm style atmosphere. She’s in gratitude for all these kind adults who give not only of their talents but of their time to create a camp experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Many of these young campers who come from all parts, return summer after summer to continue to grow not only in the fresh air of the Montana farm, but in the lasting friendships, and love for The Lord that are being nurtured. The crafts serve as a tangible memory while the ready-for-harvest campers skip happily home singing new and traditional bible songs. They’re healthy both in mind and body. Spirit filled campers are strong and ready to spread their light and faith out into the world confidently after their week of, ‘Farming the Faith.’



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