Groovy Girls Go……….Buckin’ and Ropin’ and Ridin’ Oh My

If you’ve never been to an authentic rodeo…… should…….these things are fun and fun is good!
(Yes a little play curtesy of Dr. Seuss.)


I’ve been to plenty of rodeos while growing up in Montana. I always enjoyed getting in at the Rosebud County Fair and watching this life that seemed so “old-school-cowboy” being passionately lived out in modern times.

I love throwing on my boots, my jeans, my hat, a tank, and making a day out of it, in the knarly grand stands, under the hot sun, dust and dirt being kicked up everywhere, as close to Wild West as one may ever get……oh wait, because it really is the Wild West! The Ingomar, Montana rodeo is what one may say, The real deal.

Read more about what Igomar used to be ……

In the spirit of all things country this summer, we hitched up our own horse, Ford, by putting some petrol into her, loaded her boot up with drinks and sunblock, went under the hood to check her horse power, and us city folk went to go play cowboys and cowgirls for the day!

Or as city kids would do, find some broken wood, pull up the boots, and do a little dirt surfing.

A rodeo, most especially in Ingomar, is everything one would imagine. Big belt buckles, big hats, big beers, big boots, big bulls, big chaps, big western cliches galor. The bathrooms are real-live-working- out-houses. you can even peak over the ‘wall’ to have a little chat with a potty partner if you are so inclined.


20140811-080152-28912263.jpgBut instead of any of it really being a cliche, it’s their passion. These cowboys love their life, their horses, their boots, and chaps like any person may love anything. This is their way of life, what makes their soul sing, what gets them out of bed each day. It’s an amazing skill and sport that, much like my running, just doesn’t happen by merely sitting around thinking about it.

There are countless hours, sweat lost, sleep lost, tears shed, over this way of life…….but probably no different than me, it’s a part of their make up, woven into their souls, and makes them complete.

And so, we sit, very much like fans along a race route, cheering on these complete strangers living out their passion. We hold our breathe when the bell goes off, desperate for them to achieve their goal, willing them from afar to hold tight, to not let go. Probably no different than a fan along a course, shouting out to strangers not to give up, keep moving towards that finish line. Don’t give up, don’t let go, don’t get bucked off your course!

Groovy Girls Go……..To Hang On For 8 Seconds



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