Groovy Girls Go…….To Finish What They Started

There may not be two more loyal friends to be found. This story is beautifully woven together by a friend, Anthony, and captures some really powerful moments from the Boston Marathon! An inspiring tale to say the least. I’m honored to call you two friends! Groovy Girls Go……Hand in Hand Across the Finish

Groovy Girls Go …… Catching a Coach

So I look forward to Tuesdays all week long.  I run as fast as my little five foot legs will carry me.  I laugh loud.  I hug everyone I see.  I cool down by making sure I hug as many of my friends as I can get around to.  However, in the chase, I usually […]

Groovy Girls Go …….. For Chocolatey Goodness

Sometimes plans just fall into place, even when they aren’t what you planned.   As we came down the stairs leading to the Detroit Riverwalk I was nearly stopped in my tracks by the beauty. Luckily, it only took my breathe away for a second. The sun was a firey red ball shooting out across […]

Groovy Girls Go …….. When the Pace is Second to the Company

What keeps me going, day in and day out, making time for the run… village! I’m not one of those people who “love” getting on the tredmill during the week at 5 am when my daughter is curled up next to me, snuggly and cute…..but I do it because it’s the work that needs to […]