Groovy Girls run routes that we will never run again…

When the best run and the worst run collide, you knows there’s going to be a great story! This was just that running perfect storm that most literally happened while in the eye of a Winter Snow and Rain Storm that when through, left 10″ of snow across the Metro Detroit area and puddles just […]

Want to be on our team?

This Sunday, after getting up early (even earlier with the time change!) to get our run in, we volunteered as part of the Downtown Runners and Walkers group to marshall at the Corktown St Patrick’s Day 5k race. We were prescribed a location at Michigan Ave and 3rd, and after Starbucks, parking and picking up […]

We always wave to our fans and when we earn a trophy we alert the media!

Montana had a little help with forming the paragraphs – apparently they don’t cover those in kindergarten…but all quotes are her own! 😉 I knew the day would come when Montana Skye would want to lace up and toe the line at a race.  She’s, in many ways, already paid her dues.  She’s been Jostled […]

Chasing Fast Boys, while being chased by fast boys, is a sure way to get FaStEr!

Tuesday nights will find me packing up my classroom and closely following my students out the door in order to do what I do, in the city that I’ve come to love. Yes, I run the streets of Detroit, and I run them FaSt. It’s been pointed out that I don’t need watches, ribbons, medals, […]

When pigs fly!

I’ll run another marathon, “when pigs fly.”  And of course, as predictable as the cliche, Katherine went and found pigs that can fly…..and so it begins. I’ve gotten the most information about this race from a woman, in a woman’s bathroom, after running club, while changing out of winter wet running clothes….did she think I […]

Welcome. Getting to the point!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a perfect day to write the first “official” post for this little blog that has existed in my head for a while. This will be a collaborative blog with posts written by different “groovy girls”, sharing with you our adventures and a few of the crazy stories that we pick up along […]