“That’s some fast running” she said….

First of all with all of this flying pig talk have you seen this Geico commercial? It makes me chuckle every time I hear the pig say “did she seriously just say that?” Anyway……. As I mentioned during our vacation I took the opportunity in the warmer weather to kick off training for The Flying […]

Gait analysis

Upon the suggestion of my massage therapist I recently went for a video gait analysis at The Running Institute in Ann Arbor. I had been experiencing some ITB tightness in my left leg during marathon training and we were struggling to figure out the cause. I had never been videoed running before so I was […]

A little piece of paradise…..

Right now we are hanging out (and have been since Christmas) at Sobe Surf Resort in Cocoa Beach, FL. Away from the snowstorms and cold weather and conveniently sandwiched between the intercoastal river and the Ocean…..decisions, decisions! Lots of time for paddling (sorry that I don’t have more photos but I am too afraid of […]

Flying pig here we come!

It’s official…..the training has begun…..we are going to the Flying Pig Marathon!   Ooooh – I just noticed the PINK medals! Anyhooo…… After a great run at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon last year working with Megan Lizotte of Hit the Ground RunningĀ (we’ll be featuring some flashback posts to share the funny stories from […]