You can do this! – Week 2

Congratulations! You made it through week 1! Week 1 was about getting moving, and getting used to exercising 6 days/week. That takes some scheduling and adapting. If things didn’t quite go “to plan” make a decision on whether to repeat week 1 or move on to week 2 where we are increasing the length of […]

You’ve gotta start somewhere!

I have been overwhelmed by the number of friends who have recently told me that they want to start running or train for their first race and humbled that they have asked for my advice and support. It seems to me that this is the perfect forum for this kind of support and question answering […]

Hip and butt strengthening!

As I mentioned in my post about gait analysis I have been working on hip girdle and glute strengthening exercises to try to counter my right hip drop. I had previously read many posts about ITB tightness/pain/syndrome that recommend strengthening but thought I would share the link to the actual regimen that was recommended to me. […]