Groovy Girls Go …… And If We Fall, We Get Back Up

To read about the first half of Kacey’s race on Thunderbolt mountain look here…..and now for the rest of the race! After one takes in the 360* view of the pines, rocks, big sky, fluffy patches of white clouds, and says a thanks to nature, while standing on the tippy top of Thunderbolt mountain, one […]

Groovy Girls Go……..Even If At First We Think We’re Afraid

Katherine’s post about fear came through at a uniquely coincidental time.  Now, some may say there are no coincidences, which I’m inclined to believe, as I think the Universe puts what and who in our path at times when, if our hearts and eyes are open, we’ll indeed recognize. Tana and I were embarking on […]

Groovy Girls Go ……. To The Sun

Setting out for a day of play with the 50th birthday party group that came to run, play, and experience Glacier started out just like that playfully.  We all huddled around the breakfast table after a day of travel, coffee, breakfast, prepping lunches, and already laughing too loudly. The night before we were abruptly awaken […]