Sometimes it all comes together….other days not so much!

As I mentioned I don’t talk too much about my training in specifics, one of the reasons is that I see some other bloggers talking about splits for speed work or tempo runs (and I absolutely get why they do it….sometimes it is difficult to discuss a workout without mentioning pace) however I feel like […]

The five year comeback….

Kacey told me that I should document (for the sake of history!) my journey and comeback to marathon running….it was a long and torturous path…so bear with me for it may be a long and tortorous post! This story begins with the Marathon that we do not name! This has become kind of a joke, […]

“That’s some fast running” she said….

First of all with all of this flying pig talk have you seen this Geico commercial? It makes me chuckle every time I hear the pig say “did she seriously just say that?” Anyway……. As I mentioned during our vacation I took the opportunity in the warmer weather to kick off training for The Flying […]