Horses for courses…..

I recently read this post on, Katie’s blog – where she compares her training style with that of her husband – an ultra runner. It made me laugh, when she said

“….I am much faster than him far more anal about paces and distance.  I need to KNOW how far I am going.  period.  I need concrete mileage.  not just, I don’t know, I’m gonna go run for a bit, frolick through this field, hop up to the top of this mountain, bound back down around and all over town and call it a fantastic training day.”

This reminded me of some of the differences between the way Kacey and I approach running. Neither way is right or wrong, and it reminds me of the old adage – be careful who you call crazy – ‘cos they are thinking the same about you! 😉

I don’t talk too much about my training plan/workouts here for a number of reasons. Firstly, my distances and paces are basically irrelevant to anyone but me….and all it leads to is comparison, which rarely does anyone any good. We are all about encouraging everyone and don’t really care how far or fast you are going as long as you are going! Secondly, my workouts come from my coach – who is an elite runner, and has a business writing training plans – so I don’t think it is right to share all her trade secrets!

Anyhow, I receive my workouts from her for 2 weeks at a time. When I received the training plan two weeks ago I immediately zeroed in on a particularly scary looking long run, that was scheduled for this past Sunday…

The plan said…..


3 hrs, with last 25 mins at 10k pace

It then said “This will be TOUGH”.

No kidding. That is basically running flippin’  fast, after running flippin’ far! By the way, my coach is pretty tough so if she says it is going to be tough….you know she means it!

I feel like I went through several stages of grief about this workout. Disbelief. Denial. Acceptance. Disbelief. Acceptance. I got stuck between those last two for a while!

After finally sending a message to my coach inquiring as to whether this was some sort of error or if she had finally lost her mind 😉 I came up with a plan. I planned to start this run out slow, and save some energy for that fast finish. However I didn’t want my legs to get “stuck” at that slow pace, so I picked up the pace at intervals working up to the target pace for the last 25 minutes. I recruited Todd as a bicycle pacer for that last hour and gave him the desired pace, so all I had to do was try to keep up with him! I also decided to commit, give it my all and try my best!

I was pleasantly surprised by how strong I felt as a I started to pick up the pace. even after a couple of hours of running. I didn’t quite make 10k pace for those last 25 minutes, but I got close to that blistering fast pace! All in all – a good training run and still lots of time before the Chicago Marathon in October!


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