Groovy Girls Go……..To The Library

Groovy Girls Go…….. To The Library

One way to up your game, be it in running or life, is to read about those who do what you love, only better! I’d be a not-truth-teller if I said I prefer reading over actually talking with those who know more than me, but I settle for reading when their people don’t get back with my people.

Every summer I start with my list of books I’ve jotted down over the winter and during the school year while I teach. And oh how I know “I have the whole summer off” I use this whole time to catch up. I just recently sat down, and for the first time in a year, read a magazine cover to cover. It was the most recent publication of Runner’s World and if I’m telling the truth, I only picked it up because my Running Idol and friend Doug Kurtis is featured in the magazine. This past October I watched, screaming like a crazed Beatles Fan, him run across his 200th, sub 3:00 marathon in Detroit. My heart was nearly stopped as the clock ticked off minutes, then seconds, closing in on that 3:00. I was holding my breath, straining my eyes to get a first glimpse of his unmistakable stride, praying with every runner everything I had that he’d be coming down that shoot soon. He did, and I started to cry, clap, scream, jump, and shout to every spectator around me about what was seconds from happening. I’m a fan of being a running fan and it was a life thrill to be standing proud at that finish line cheering for this great runner about to do a great thing.

I have the privilege to run with Doug, listen to what he has to say, listen to what he has to say to others, and learn. I’ve had the opportunity to warm up with him at races. Listen to how he plans to run the course, and then see him slowly do what he does. Run ridiculously fast while making it look ridiculously easy. So, with this collected moment vividly in my mind, I turn to find his article, under the beautiful North Dakota morning over-looking a lake, and read.

One article turns to the next, turns to a text conversation with a running friend who calls me a ‘beast’, turns to another article where I find my vacation for next summer and text two girlfriends to start saving, to another friend who’s just getting back into it to offer encouragement, to an article about Meb that makes me cry, to looking back at pictures of Meb and I from just a summer ago in Montana, to………..

I was introduced all weekend to countless family friends and distant relatives by many descriptives, nevertheless, Marathoner was never left out. I may be so many things, to so many people, but when running is a part of what you do each day, for as long as I’ve done it, running is then, unmistakably, a part of the descriptor of who I am. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the stack of books and magazines that I’m carrying around as I travel the West this summer is part age 6 appropriate and fun, part ‘A Channel Deeply Cut’ by my High School friend Tera Ferguson, part ‘Unbroken’ as suggested by Runner-Friend Sean, part ‘Run To Overcome’ the memoir by Meb Keflezighi, part Runners World magazine, and Michigan Runner, and I have on pre-order ‘The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances’ by The Oatmeal and Matthew Inman.

So, reading about Running and Living Life to its fullest surely isn’t going to happen if I just sit around reading about other people’s greatness. But their words are the words I play over when the going gets tough on my own adventures. Their perseverance is what I see across the pages when I close my eyes and think I can’t take but another step. I read about these grand people because they too have had to push through while having a moment not much different than mine. They too have to dig deep thinking about other thoughts to get their legs to keep going when all they want to do is shake and break. They too doubt if they’re going to win until they actually turn that corner for the last 700 up Boylston……..because we are all many things to many people; but we are all Runners.

So, today may be my rest day. Yet, I fueled myself with such running goodness that I’m not restless. I enjoy my time on the lake with family and friends both those who are with me in my heart, and in my books.

Groovy Girls Go ……. With a Book So When It’s Time, We Too Can Book It



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