Groovy Girls rest?

It’s really a Monday “rest-less” day more than any such rest writers of training plans have in mind.  In the land of “Going Groovy Girls” the rest day becomes the day of laundry, writing Grandma, shuttling little girls to dance class, doing lesson plans for the week, working through lunch to make appointments for the following Monday rest day, dinner, paying bills, grocery shopping, homework, bath night, and laying out the clothes for the rest of the week.  Just your typical and revitalizing day at the Spa.

I’ve read that elite runners get as much, if not more, of 11 hours sleep as well as naps in between work-outs.  It is stating the obvious to say that they are elite and are truly getting paid to run where as Groovy Girls pay to run.  This leads me to wonder; who really are the running heroes?

Heroes of days gone by never saw payment for their heroism.  Why is it now that we see those blessed with a talent as more worthy than the person running from sheer guttiness.  I had a friend once who said in an interview that she attributed much of her success to the shoulders she stood on of the unsung heroes.  Those friends and causes behind the scenes that boosted her up and allowed her to be seen above others (love you Angela Patrick).

My heroes are not always the winners, the Nike ads, the best dressed, the look the part people, but rather the runners too small, too hippy, too short, too old of equipment, that I seem to be drawn to and in many ways adore.  In today’s world its really not all that hard to buy speed.  Buy fancy watches that track one’s speed.  Post daily about ones speed.  But it’s those runners, who on rest-day-Monday, still get up way when the stars are out, so that bags get packed for Thursday’s events, so one’s family still “runs” smoothly while the runner gets in their runs.

I see resting as a state of mind and a peace of mind.  If one gets that peace of mind by shoving three more hours into the already twenty-four hour day because they’ve taken care of everything else that needs to keep life running smoothly forward then so-be-it.  Run your own race, rest your own pace…rest in a way that allows the other days to be restful runs.




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