Groovy Girls Go …….. For Chocolatey Goodness

Sometimes plans just fall into place, even when they aren’t what you planned.   As we came down the stairs leading to the Detroit Riverwalk I was nearly stopped in my tracks by the beauty. Luckily, it only took my breathe away for a second. The sun was a firey red ball shooting out across […]

Groovy Girls Go…..Wine-ing

There’s an earthy-sweet smell when you run through a vineyard as the sun begins to glisten and warm the ripening fruit.   The earth underneath the runner’s feat feels more alive amongst the knarly roots growing and twisting around the wood polls.  The view of the green and purple hanging fruit is nature’s unique encouragement […]

A not so groovy half marathon….

I had big plans for a groovy run at the first Annual EPIC (Everyone Person Involved Cares) Half Marathon in Pontiac….I could give you a full race recap and tell you how I was flying and feeling strong for the first 7 miles or so….I could tell you about the guy who caught me at […]