2013 recap – part III

I promise the last part of the recap……if not just cut me off already! 😉 After Chicago, and a full week of complete rest followed by some light recovery training. Next up was the Kona Chocolate 10k in Plymouth with friends. This was the inaugural event and the organizers are already planning – more chocolate […]

2013 recapped – part II

I know you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for part II of the 2013 recap! So after a little racing action over the 4th of July – all training was focused towards the Chicago Marathon. I was eager for a redemption half marathon after my E.P.I.C fail but it didn’t fit into the calendar […]

2013 recapped!

I recently saw a few “2013: My year in running” posts and thought it a stroke of genius since I seem to suck at race reports and it wraps it all up nicely in one post! The early part of 2013 consisted of training for the spring Flying Pig Marathon. Running through ice, snow, blizzards…you […]