“That’s some fast running” she said….

First of all with all of this flying pig talk have you seen this Geico commercial? It makes me chuckle every time I hear the pig say “did she seriously just say that?”


As I mentioned during our vacation I took the opportunity in the warmer weather to kick off training for The Flying Pig Marathon. I work with Megan Lizotte, through her company Hit the Ground Running, and she provides customized training plans on a two weekly basi,s adapting to your individual training response and other constraining life factors (like work, winter, travel etc.) pretty awesome really. I pretend I am an olympic athlete! lol.

Since Kacey and I try to co-ordinate some of our runs (based around schedules, childcare, life etc.) I share my plans with her when I receive them. Megan often specifies paces for intervals or specific runs. Upon reading the first two weeks training, and particularly some drills which specified 7:34 and 7:17 min/miles, Kacey sent me a text that said “that’s some pretty fast running.” To which I replied “We will just do our best until we get better!”

During the two weeks that I was in Florida, Kacey intermittently sent me text messages asking “what are we supposed to do today?” and lamenting about the Michigan weather. She would then proceed to mostly do something entirely different based on her schedule/run club/the weather….and I think that is awesome!

The point that I am slowly getting around to is that everyone is different in their training. I am an engineer and need to have everything spelled out and scientifically organized. If the plan says run for 50 minutes, I will run for 50 minutes. Not 49 and definitely not 51! 😉 I work with Megan because she is the expert and I can leave all that planning to her and negate the “what if” cycle in my head. I know from my previous training with her that she will push me to run more mileage than I would if I was designing my own training and because she specifies it I don’t even have the option of negotiating with myself. I also know that if I follow the plan and do the work, I will see the results.

In many ways Kacey takes a completely opposite approach to marathon training. She rarely wears a watch, runs whatever distance  she feels is necessary on a given day and gets fast by chasing boys! Using this training she rocked the Boston Marathon in a year when many runners either did not start, did not finish or crawled across the finish line in times much slower than they had planned due to the unusually high temperatures, and then she went out again three weeks later and ran a PR marathon.

There are times that I wish I could take her approach and maybe when I have as many marathons under my belt as her I will…..wait who am I kidding! 😉 Mostly I just find it highly entertaining that she humors me by asking what we are supposed to be doing before going ahead and having fun doing whatever she wants anyway, and by week two she is already on her own “plan”!

BTW although my pace on many of the other runs this week was dead slow I totally ACED those intervals! 😉



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