Groovy Girls Go ….. Up, Up, and Away

The starting line is a pretty amazing place.  The view, of different colors, nervous smiles, tapping toes up against the starting line, and just right laces tied just right.  The view is made all that much super when the shoes however, are actually mini shoes……the shoes of kids.  The kids we love who are trying […]

Groovy Girls Go………..Falling Down

I heard nothing as I dropped from the sky at a speed I’ll never know, and frankly, never care to know. It was a moment of complete silence, when all I heard….all I felt…..was my heart beating, no make that pounding. I wasn’t really much of anything other than present. The earth was far below. […]

Taking the right path, instead of the left, may lead us to begin our right journey.

I’ve always believed the beauty of our simple sport is that one can lace up and go wherever…..go in the direction of where one hears the “path” calling. As we embark on a trek in Snowshoes for a little Flying Pig cross training, the drive in entrance to the trail “path” is missed on the […]