Groovy Girls Go…………Dreaming While Wide-Awake

Groovy Girls Go…….Y Not? Minot! Are you really running in Minot, North Dakota? Texts back a running friend of mine from Detroit.   I certainly am, and these hills are certainly no joke. He concurs. The prairie must be what surrounds the city of Minot because I assure you, there are some monster rolling hills […]

Groovy Girls Go ….. Up, Up, and Away

The starting line is a pretty amazing place.  The view, of different colors, nervous smiles, tapping toes up against the starting line, and just right laces tied just right.  The view is made all that much super when the shoes however, are actually mini shoes……the shoes of kids.  The kids we love who are trying […]

Groovy Girls Go……Ballin’

…….Melon Ballin’ That Is 😀 I woke up Friday morning to my phone flashing with a message from Coach Stef. My name had been drawn by TimeFrame Photography for a free entry into the Mellon Dash (a local run during a local festival). Obviously I hadn’t planned to run it, didn’t have a babysitter, had […]

Groovy Girls Go………Mondays for Motivation

There are days, or mornings, that often seem easier for me than others to get out the door. I enjoy starting my week, regardless of weekend mileage, lacing up and getting out the door……for at least something! Monday Motivation I find the Monday morning run as the one that is the most relaxing and simply […]

Groovy Girls Go……..For a Change

Groovy Girls Go………..For Change “See, it pays to run!” A fellow runner calls out to me after I passed by him bounding up a local hill, to then abruptly stop to collect three shiny pennies, heads up, laying on the ground. I smile to the runner while giving him a thumbs up, and then continue […]