Kona Ten Mile

I always pick a run to do to keep me at least putting in a few miles near the end of a school year. This year was extremely challenging as I was packing up an entire classroom the two weeks before to close the book on a story that I needed to get out of. […]

Montana Skye Book Report

Little Groovy Girls Go ……. Practicing For Their First Book Report Just like anything in life, practice builds confidence for the day of the event. So excited for her to work just as hard at school as she does in anything physical and “fun.” Yah, Little Groovy Girl!

Little Groovy Girls Go ……. Six More Weeks of Winter

We used to have a groundhog at our old house so I know a lot about them. Momma said we could go see if the Groundhog, Woody, at the Howell Nature Center, was going to see her shadow or not. I didn’t know, until now, that Groundhogs are like Weathermen. February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day, […]