Kona Ten Mile

I always pick a run to do to keep me at least putting in a few miles near the end of a school year. This year was extremely challenging as I was packing up an entire classroom the two weeks before to close the book on a story that I needed to get out of. […]

Groovy Girls Go Up, and Down, Up, and Down………

Some of my funnest Facebook posts are those where I proclaim to “love me some hills”. Or “I heart hills” or “Bring on the Hills” or “Heartbreak Hill Won’t Break Me.”  The ‘likes’ and comments are the virtual fuel that fires me up the entire work-out, or even up the entire hill.  I’m the kind […]

When pigs fly!

I’ll run another marathon, “when pigs fly.”  And of course, as predictable as the cliche, Katherine went and found pigs that can fly…..and so it begins. I’ve gotten the most information about this race from a woman, in a woman’s bathroom, after running club, while changing out of winter wet running clothes….did she think I […]

Flying pig here we come!

It’s official…..the training has begun…..we are going to the Flying Pig Marathon!   Ooooh – I just noticed the PINK medals! Anyhooo…… After a great run at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon last year working with Megan Lizotte of Hit the Ground Running (we’ll be featuring some flashback posts to share the funny stories from […]