Pretty much a gluten free vegan….who eats meat and fish!

If you had asked me a month ago about “gluten free” diets I would have given you somewhat of a sideways glance, and said something like (I may have actually said this to someone!) “A gluten free cookie is STILL a cookie!” Hey – most people who know me, know not to ask me what […]

Groovy Girls Go…..For Inspiration

Sometimes we have to go outside our own thoughts and listen to others in order to grow stronger. I have a mantra with my dear friend Sarah that I use daily, “Know Better, Do Better.” So, I went up to the Montana Big Sky State Games, to run some beautiful miles along the Yellowstone River […]

Taper time and almost running with Scott Jurek…..

Tired, Cranky….wanting to eat everything in sight….it must be time for the taper! The last few weeks before a race after 3 1/2 months of training it is time to reduce the mileage, and let everything rest up so that it is fresh for race day. Different people react to this change differently, and have […]

Getting started… advice!

I am so filled with enthusiasm from all of you starting out with our beginning running plan. I created a facebook group here for anyone who is following along to join, encourage each other and ask any questions. So week one is about getting moving and getting used to working out 6 days per week. […]

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

I just read a quote from Scott Jurek – distance runner extraordinaire and all around good guy – “The mental toughness of training through winter is indispensable…” He wrote an article for about his winter training. I have to say that I absolutely agree, although maybe for some different – not so epic sounding […]