2013 recapped – part II

I know you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for part II of the 2013 recap! So after a little racing action over the 4th of July – all training was focused towards the Chicago Marathon. I was eager for a redemption half marathon after my E.P.I.C fail but it didn’t fit into the calendar […]

Groovy Girls Go …. To The Windy City

Katherine’s post on spectating the Chicago marathon brought back all of my own memories of the Chicago marathon……. Chicago is “flat and fast” and gets a lot of attention for it’s well put on and extremely popular Marathon.  My own personal opinion is that its a great destination place for a first time marathoner or […]

Chicago Marathon…how to spectate well!

I am so excited for the Chicago Marathon again this year, and extra excited that my parents have decided to fly in (all the way from the UK!) to watch! So I started thinking about spectating tips at large marathons (some of these tips and ideas are specific to Chicago but most – if not […]

Groovy girls know….

First of all we KNOW that we owe you all kinds of catch up! Race reports, those race prep tips posts that I delusionally thought I’d have tons of time to post in the week before the marathon…not to mention the fun details of our weekend in Cincinnati with the girls…plus I hear Montana has some stories […]

Marathon entry….the great debate.

I recently received an email from Trail Runner Magazine about their blogger symposium – a pretty neat idea where they pose a (controversial) question to bloggers and ask them to submit links to their posts on the subject. They then pick a favorite and share it with their readers. A great way to get everyone […]

I think I know what “Black Friday” shopping feels like…

I have never really done the Black Friday shopping thing…you know the 5am standing outside the store to get the bargain…don’t get me wrong I am ALL about a bargain – I just have a low threshold for the craziness involved in securing it! Tuesday February 19th – which is obviously not Black Friday – […]

You can do this! – Week 2

Congratulations! You made it through week 1! Week 1 was about getting moving, and getting used to exercising 6 days/week. That takes some scheduling and adapting. If things didn’t quite go “to plan” make a decision on whether to repeat week 1 or move on to week 2 where we are increasing the length of […]