Groovy Girls Go……..Great Lakes Relay – Moss Rock Run

As I was telling one of my Great Lakes Relay experiences to Steve, my Fascial Stretch Therapist (and amazing human) that keeps me together, my story sounded almost too ridiculous to continue……….he and I both agreed on that.

Starting a story with, “I was pushing so hard to catch the last girl I was dry-heaving as I slapped hands at the relay exchange to my teammate.”  Yah, that’s not exactly everyone’s version of winning at life.  Yet, in those moments, that is exactly what I was doing:  Winning in my life.Moss-Rocks-Little-Japanese-Gardens.jpg

Life had dropped me in the middle of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on a trail built for fairies and story books, with a goal of catching (at least) the last three girls that had gone into the trail before me – and of course – not letting anyone go around me.

The moss-covered rocks were a stunning green in the damp and shadowed trail.  Sunlight shimmered through and glistened off the moss as I took off – to make up ground.  I ran and jumped and stuttered and slid and skirted around those mystical rocks as quickly as this little body possibly could.  I ran with reckless abandon in pursuit of being faster than those who had started before me.

Running fast is a gift, running fast in the beauty of the woods is THAT gift (and it’s been packaged spectacularly).  My present was indeed being present and so I took the gift and ran.  I saw the green of the tree-branches whir past me as I ducked and scooted.  I watched my footing and quickly strategized how would be the best route of the hills.  I ran fast when the trail opened up and pines were a bed of softness under my shoes.  I ran using every muscle in my body to, as politly as you can while trail racing, dash around the first, then the second….and then on to the third runner.

I could hear my team calling the bugle horn so I knew I was running out of time space in this fairytale land to pass one last runner.  The trail was twisting and I knew I had to take them as fast as I could gaining any step closer in space where she may be backing off.

I was right on the third girl to pass.  The trumpet called and I could hear another teammate’s voice booming at me to get in.  I could see the guy who I was to tag off to as I climbed one last trail hill to him, around her, and gagged…..just so I wouldn’t forget how lucky I was to be given this gift!


Groovy Girls Go……..For the Best Gifts a Girl Could Ask For


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