Groovy Girls Go………..Falling Down

I heard nothing as I dropped from the sky at a speed I’ll never know, and frankly, never care to know. It was a moment of complete silence, when all I heard….all I felt…..was my heart beating, no make that pounding. I wasn’t really much of anything other than present. The earth was far below. […]

Groovy Girls Go………Cooking Up Something Good

Groovy Girls Go…….To Cook Up the Perfect Recipe What would be a perfect holiday cocktail for a runner? In an enormous state (also known as Montana) add one beautiful running course along the Clark Fork River. The course can’t be too easy, or too hard. A bit of a challenge makes the experience worked for […]

Groovy Girls Go……..For a Change

Groovy Girls Go………..For Change “See, it pays to run!” A fellow runner calls out to me after I passed by him bounding up a local hill, to then abruptly stop to collect three shiny pennies, heads up, laying on the ground. I smile to the runner while giving him a thumbs up, and then continue […]

Groovy Girls Go …….. For Chocolatey Goodness

Sometimes plans just fall into place, even when they aren’t what you planned.   As we came down the stairs leading to the Detroit Riverwalk I was nearly stopped in my tracks by the beauty. Luckily, it only took my breathe away for a second. The sun was a firey red ball shooting out across […]