Groovy Girls Go…….On A Dime

Groovy Girls Go…….On A Dime

I could have never guessed that at 6am when I reached down on my run to pick up a dime, that at 6pm my day would turn on a dime. It’s a true testament that one just never does know what life has in store so when I get a chance to reach down and pick up a dime, I’m sure going to reach down and pick it up.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I’d never make it in Poker. I’m not always sure of answers and I make more mistakes than I don’t. I think all of this is called a strong personality and it’s gotten me far, it’s also gotten me in trouble.

I was asked about my friends during this same dime change and maybe too quickly I answered, they’re runners. The response to that was that I should maybe widen my network of friends. I suppose I could, but when I thought more deeply about it, I really did give the right answer and I don’t think I’m too off. The one clarification, that maybe there wasn’t time for in the heat of the moment, is that my running friends are so, so, so much more than runners, they’re amazingly solid, great people. Runners are probably some of the strongest, most dedicated, honest, hard-working, determined, and fun people I could want to surround myself with. Often runners are given an adjective of ‘crazy’, ‘nutz’, ‘obsessive,’ but is that really the case? People are so quick to judge harshly a healthy life habit that the easiest comparison I can make is t.v.

The average American spend (according to one study) 5 hours a day watching t.v.
A link to New York Daily News

People spend hours surfing on line. Social media makes up another slice of people’s day. There are so many ‘things’ that people turn to, to take the sting out of life, find peace, smile, or get happy; it’s all such a personal choice. I’m uncertain why we’re all not making signs and cheering each other no matter what we do to bring more happiness into our lives. I don’t get the people who do this, that or the other. I’m sure I’m guilty of judging things I think to be unhealthy, and that’s not right, but I’m working on it. I’d like more people to make healthier life choices. I think everything in variety and moderation (unless it’s going to make you sick) can really work to lead to a healthy lifestyle that’s going to allow you to lead an active and fulfilling life. Active people have stories to tell, friends to adventure with, and memories to collect (maybe even write down).

As I continued to reflect on the event that happened, I also was struck by just how multi-layered Runners are too. We’re sole friends sharing a passion to run for sure, but we’re so much more. My ‘running friends’ are also idealic Moms and Dads, massage therapists, business owners, engineers, VP of companies, Presidents of companies, Dreamers, Teachers, Business-people, Actors, Government Employees, Scientists, Professors, Animal Groomers, Twenty-Somethings, Coaches, Lawyers, Museum Employees, Trainers, and on and on and on and on……with these other interests and other passions it makes our conversations on runs so rich, meaningful, thought-provoking, soul-searching, inquisitive. I imagine it’s just like any group of people that come together, we all bring with us all the pieces that make us our whole. It is only at this time too, that we can give of ourselves and be a support for others.

So, after a night of tears, questions, answers, disagreements, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings, at the end of it I slept. I set out my running clothes through my tears. I didn’t want to get up, didn’t lace up bubbly when my alarm went off, it was more like pulling and forcing those things on my feet. I trudged up the stairs and out the door. Luckily I had already picked out my route I wanted to take on this last day in North Dakota that was going to give me a brilliant view of the 5:54 sunrise.
I closed my eyes and let the new day’s sun rays wash over my face. My perspective is always more clear when I’m looking through my running shades. One last view of the ocean-like prairie grass and as luck would have it, a penny, dime, and a nickel to be found. New days do bring new change!

Groovy Girls Go…….Open to Change


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