Groovy Girls Go……..For a Change

Groovy Girls Go………..For Change

“See, it pays to run!” A fellow runner calls out to me after I passed by him bounding up a local hill, to then abruptly stop to collect three shiny pennies, heads up, laying on the ground. I smile to the runner while giving him a thumbs up, and then continue on.

After my collection of coins last summer, thanks to winning my bet with Sean, I’ve really never quit looking for change. It’s a fun, unplanned, positive distraction to a run. A little ‘change in the pace’ if you will.

I’ve been on quite a streak of finding coins so far this summer. Finding my first couple of pennies with a RunDetroit sponsored group run was a fun way to break the ice on the long run. It led to enough stories and laughs to fuel our long run, through the Detroit streets.

But better yet, my last run in Detroit, before heading to Montana for the summer, was the jackpot! Thinking I’d have one last go at chasing the fast front group, I got stuck in traffic and found myself chasing EvErYbOdY! I quietly took to the streets and did what I do, ran as fast as I could for as long as I could. And truth be told, I couldn’t have planned a better farewell run. And I couldn’t have felt luckier finding that first penny because it wasn’t soon after then that I passed my first club runner. I personally got to see many DDRW runners, say hi, and run on to try and catch the next one. I’d shout from the top of the Renn Cenn how I think these are some of the best people I know. So, to have a chance to personally say hi to so many before leaving was a joy. “Better lucky than good sometimes,”as my Dad would say.

Finally, I was able to catch up with Doug Kurtis. He was enjoying his run and I was secretly hoping I’d get to stick with him for this final Detroit route. Our strides aligned, the city was alive, the wind off the Detroit river felt amazing. A little night of runnerly heaven. He’s a wealth of good stories blending running, lessons, laughter and most of all life stories together. I’m always inspired and in awe. He has seen the story of running change so much during his career and the nuggets he offers to share are invaluable. I’m a lucky runner to have the chances I do to run, and call friend, such an idol. As we near the end, he takes me down a new road to finish up the run. A change from the original route, and there we find an alive neighborhood. Kids are out playing, houses well tended and colorful, people on their porch; everything one thinks a city is…….and there they were……..shiny coins strewn about on our route, clearly there for us to find. I sweep down, grabbing them, trying not to take too long, changing up the pace, making Doug smile. Collecting little tokens of our running steps we earned, when we were willing to change.

Groovy Girls Go………Earning Each Change



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