Groovy Girls Go………..Falling Down

I heard nothing as I dropped from the sky at a speed I’ll never know, and frankly, never care to know. It was a moment of complete silence, when all I heard….all I felt…..was my heart beating, no make that pounding.

I wasn’t really much of anything other than present.

The earth was far below. Tiny at first and then with every passing second, growing. I was falling towards it.

I had, just moments before, made a decision to jump. There wasn’t even time to make any other decision. I was in a plane, racing off before the sunset, completely willing to take a chance like no other. I was falling so freely, so peacefully……the sites were everything I could capture with only my eyes feeding the views straight to my soul. There wasn’t even anything that I had or even could process, I just had to be. I was completely in the moment like I’ve never been before. I was having the most intimate experience with myself…….

Everything about the earth below was what every cliche does hold: majestic, breathtaking, priceless, without words or explanation. It was merely an experience of complete and utmost hope and faith. I had absolutely no control…….and it was beautiful. I could feel the cold of the air pressing against my skin; slowly, yet in a blink of an eye, warming as we fell even closer, faster, harder, back towards the earth…….and then it stopped. The sudden jerk of the chute being opened by the man who was in control. My arms wide, scooping in the air as if I was treding water.

Now we were floating, and the view matched that. I had changed from speed, to calm in yet another blink of an eye. Now I was one with the clouds as I floated back, being swayed by the wind as we soared and flew through the air, like only a dream.

I’ll never see a sunset the same again. I looked over to my right, even with the setting sun, and for but moments I was collecting, I had defied all natural ability and was doing what people’s souls may only ever do, as they float up to make heaven their hone.

I swayed left……..I floated right…….I swept my arms in graceful sweeps collecting the air. I felt the push of air against my face, I looked all around in silent noise as I took it all in……..I was alive………..I was wrapped so tightly in this moment and all my thoughts were silenced, allowing only my loves, hope, and dreams to have center stage because I had was terrified but never scared…….I took the step with nothing underneath me……..and yet, I had faith I would fly; and fly I did……..

Groovy Girls Jump…………………To Fly



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