Groovy Girls Go………Cooking Up Something Good

Groovy Girls Go…….To Cook Up the Perfect Recipe

What would be a perfect holiday cocktail for a runner?

In an enormous state (also known as Montana) add one beautiful running course along the Clark Fork River. The course can’t be too easy, or too hard. A bit of a challenge makes the experience worked for all that much sweeter. Climbing up the side of a mountain between miles 13-16 makes it bad-A$$. Regardless of the clock outcome, the day will show you many sights, all moments meant to be collected so when you close your eyes, your dreams have the most amazing life settings for planting seeds of next adventures!

Fold in friends from near and far to share the experience. Invite everyone, who know who’s story this is suppose to be part of. Time alone out on the course is powerful and often rejuvenating for the soul. Time spent with those we pick to spend our minutes in life with can be equally as refreshing and rejuvenating for the soul. Our life friends are usually those who ‘get us.’ Blocks of time may have passed since last meetings, yet it’s often as if time stood still when we’re reunited. There’s a chemistry in the kindred soul of a true friend. It’s one of our life’s puzzle pieces the universe has placed out there for us to find in order to complete our own personal puzzle. When we’re lucky enough to find those pieces that fit, we may just be lucky enough.

Sprinkle a bit of family to witness the unfolding of one of the biggest parts of our runnerly selves that makes us whole. The journey and each step ran leading to the race is so much more important to me, but for those who don’t run, often they only see the race. Let them witness the personal triumphs of the finishers who come in all shapes and sizes. Let them see the glory given the winner and feel the absolute amazing support that is so freely given, without judgement or hesitation equally to every runner, regardless their place. Let them feel the positive energy that fuels countless soles, inevitably making us all a little better.

So, when this can all come together, stop, catch your breathe, and then smile. It’s a good day to be alive!

Groovy Girls Go………To Share the Recipe for Running



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