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When our great friend Andrea read this post about Montana conquering her fear to climb a mountain, Andrea was reminded of her own fear, at the same moment on that very same mountain. Enjoy reading Andrea’s thoughts and let her know your thoughts in the comments!

Fear, that nebulous blob of unkempt, irrational emotions seems to
always show up at inappropriate times, uninvited. Last week, in the
midst of a perfectly pleasant hike in the snow at Glacier National
Park, there it was, Fear with a capital F. And, to make matters worse,
I was with my daughters.  We came upon a part of the trail where I
either had to climb a narrow ridge
(NO! I’m not going up there! – unfortunately, that thought didn’t stay
quiet, but leapt out of my mouth) or hike about 30 feet over a narrow
ledge with loose gravel that people twice my age were doing without
flinching. Then, before I could stop them, my daughters started
scrambling across the ledge. OMG! I have no choice now! With my heart
racing, praying to the mountain gods, and swallowing all pride, I took
anyone’s hand as I moved millimeter by millimeter across the ledge.

And on the other side, the most beautiful site I have ever seen! Small
green meadows mixed with wild flowers, streams, pine trees and
mountain goat moms with their babies wandering around. It was truly
magical. And then at the end of the trail, Hidden Lake, where we saw
some bighorn sheep. I was so happy I made it there.

Just for the record, I wasn’t any better going back, but by then I
could at least joke about it. I knew the fear wouldn’t stop me.  So I
threw on my super mom cape (which, by the way, if you wear upside down
says “wow”) and once again took any hand willing to take mine and made
my way.

Fear, something we all must face from time to time, needs to be
managed so we don’t miss seeing magical lands and mountain goat

A Groovy Girl wannabe keeping my cape with me at all times to ward away Fear


One thought on “GROOVY GUEST POST: Fear!

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey through “fear.” I see you and your family as such a beacon of light and hope! You’re an inspiration!

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