Groovy Girls Go……Satisfying A Crave

I have found, that as I get older, I really crave the friendship and support of other ladies. Especially in these last two years of my life. I want to find ‘girls’ that are supportive, can laugh at themselves, can laugh at each other, run, jump, climb, slip, drink wine, and live life.

As I desperately try and raise a strong and healthy little girl, I think I crave being around other strong woman even more. Sme of this is because I want her to be around these amazing woman herself and realize early that her future really as wide and full of possibilities, just like her name, Montana Skye. She may never know how much I love her or how tirelessly I work to share with her endless possibilities that the world holds to explore until she grows into a woman…..but she’ll know one day, I’m certain.

And so I seek. I seek woman like every one of my Groovy Girls, each of whom are amazing and strong and living their dream. Some more vocal, some more rigid, some more quickly, some more structured, some who are doctors, some who fail, some who struggle, some that look like a hot mess, some that pick themselves up to become stronger, some who always put others first, some who put themselves first, and some that just smile and love unconditionally.

I crave the support and security that a strong circle of friends can bring. The pick me up when I’m sad, the encouragement when I don’t believe in myself, the shoulder when I need to just cry, and the ‘I’ve got this’ when I just need someone else to take over and tell me what to do!

I’ve been fortunate to come across a few more of these ladies recently, each of whom have added to my life in such a positive way……and they eat sushi, and they run. They compromise and take into account each other’s schedule to try to accommodate. They offer help, rides, and taking turns watching each other’s kids. They cook, I don’t, but I like what they cook and I’m quick to say thank you!
I’m traveling soon with another group of groovy girls (and boys) that are again, some of the kindest people I know. They pack snacks for the whole, offer advise, take into account each other’s ‘ways’ and compromise and make it look like it was their idea. I love surrounding myself with selfless people who want to raise others up!
In a world that is all too often concerned with those who only look out for themselves…’s an amazing blessing to need all my fingers, noses, and toezes, to count all the ‘best’ and most groovy people (girls and boys) I know!

Groovy Girls Go…….Satisfying Their Crave With Only the Best


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