Little Groovy Girls Go….Boogie Boardin’


Yes, Montana.

I have been watching my new friend and I’d like to Boogie Board.

And so it began.  It’s not actually that hard to boogie board, but for the girl from Easter Montana, now living in a land-locked suburb of Michigan; the girl who hadn’t seen the Atlantic ocean really, who has a daughter who wants to try something that I have no idea how to help her………Sure!

So we went no-where -fancy, the gift store actually, because Montana had already done her research enough to know where I could get one.  (She had actually seen them at the grocery store; the Piggly Wiggly the night before when we were picking up a few things but I couldn’t in my not so experienced mind think that we could pick up a boogie board at a place called the Piggly Wiggly?!?!)

As I was paying, Montana was unwrapping the plastic, looking for a garbage can, and strapping on the ankle band, while walking out the door back in the direction of the beach.  I smiled at the clerk, rushed her along, and the rushed to catch up with Tana.  I tell you, once that kid gets her mind around something she just doesn’t let up.

(Funny side note as I was running the day before prior to hitting the beach for another day of paying nothing but attention to my daughter and my thoughts, she turned and looked at me to say:  Mama, you know one thing I really like about you? (uh oh – as I teacher I know there can be the need for quick on your feet answering when one pursues a question that you don’t really know where the answer could lead…..but I take the bait.  I mean really?  Who doesn’t want to hear what their seven-year-old perceives as their like-able trait?)

I like that when you put your mind to something that you really want, you don’t ever give up until you have it.

Oh wow!  I mean really?  Could I love this kid any more?  She gets it.  Even if she isn’t exactly like that in her personality, I have modeled it enough for her that she knows, when the time is upon her, that what you want in life can be achieved if you put your mind to it, and then your actions.  I don’t really subscribe to the theory of just passively sitting by and just taking hand-outs, I save, I work, I find clever solutions, I ask for help and suggestions, and I make my world the world I want.  Sometimes it takes longer than others.  Sometimes I am not sure if it’s going where I need or really want, but at least I’m modeling for her that if something in life is worth having or experiencing, it was worth working hard to obtain it.

And so, just a few hours past that conversation, here she is.  The daughter of a woman who knows nothing of how to help her with her little new passion….except stand, feet in the ocean, eyes on the waves, waving, hoping she ‘catches a good one’ so I can see that ear to ear, toothless grin light up the world.

Montana, catching a little wave as she teaches herself how to Boogie Board by watching a friend.

Montana, catching a little wave as she teaches herself how to Boogie Board by watching a friend.

Groovy Girls Go…….Catch a Wave


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