Groovy Girls Go……Ballin’

…….Melon Ballin’ That Is 😀

I woke up Friday morning to my phone flashing with a message from Coach Stef. My name had been drawn by TimeFrame Photography for a free entry into the Mellon Dash (a local run during a local festival). Obviously I hadn’t planned to run it, didn’t have a babysitter, had ran hard all week long; one day doing the toughest track workout I’ve ever done probably since high school track days.
I kind of asked coach Stef what she thought and she said, “good luck” and that it was “solid marathon training.” I translated that to, “sure, go ahead and have a little fun this summer!”
I knew I was in after I messages my friend, who offered, “Want me to watch Tana at the finish line while you run?”

And in that moment, all of life was good. When you’re lucky enough to have people in your life that get you you might just be lucky enough; and this was exactly that moment.

As I looked up the event I was able to sign my daughter and her girlfriend up for a kid’s quarter mile Melon Dash! I think this is a great distance for kids! The girls eagerly fueled up, found their sassiest running attire, and laced up to pick out a spot right up front!


Then they were off and I was able to do what I really do well… a crazy supportive, cheering, glittery sign holding, proud Mama! The girls ran with such heart and determination. The field was fast and they dug deep to stay right with the front pack!


I could see them the entire route and when they had just a bit to go they reached down and held hands…….it was the sweetest gesture I could have never planned. The girls crossed the line together and were awarded their ribbon together. Both smiles eager to get to the “food table” for some well earned melon.


At this point the night was so perfect that I’d nearly forgotten I was there to run too. Sarah and her three beautiful children walked up to us as the girls were climbing up for an un obstructed cheering spot.


I pulled down my shades, hopped the fence and then did my own bit of running! The course was hilly and absolutely pretty. The water to the right was shimmering as the sun set and cooled the evening. The bit of trail that circled round the cemetery reminded me that this life is not guaranteed and how fortunate I was to be out doing what fuels my soul with friends and my daughter right there to live it with me. The hills kept me honest and made me work hard, and I ran strong enough to be third woman overall at the event which satisfies my competitive self and adds to my drink-ware collection!


There is always something, just a little more special about a finish line when kids are there at the end, cheering, high-fiving, and smiling those big ‘ol kid smiles! However, I could have come in dead last, with a smooshed melon, and this still would be a sweet race memory collected! When a puzzle fits, the picture looks right! When the picture looks right, that’s a pretty good life!

Groovy Girls Go…….When It’s Right, It’s Right


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