Groovy Girls Go …….. When the Pace is Second to the Company

What keeps me going, day in and day out, making time for the run… village! I’m not one of those people who “love” getting on the tredmill during the week at 5 am when my daughter is curled up next to me, snuggly and cute…..but I do it because it’s the work that needs to be done in order for me to have the fun that fuels my soles!

I love to look over everyone’s plans for the week and see what I can fit in between gymnastics, dance, homework, my work, my love, my home. My girlfriends start early in the week because collectively we could take over the world…….as long as we can bring our kids, drink wine, and run!

The hard work I do when I’m not with them allows me to be the friend who doesn’t always have to do the run “my way” but can enjoy the company and pace of those people who make my world happy. This weekend was exactly that. I did my 20+ miler my way, with my crazy-inappropriate tunes, in the sleet, gutting it out, me against-and-with myself; because at the end of the day, we really are the only people who can move our own feet when the going gets tough…..

But, the run I was really looking forward to was the run with my twenty-something-I-don’t-have-time-for-a-newbie-runner-friend and my coffee house friends that jeer me on as I go out to chase the fast boys and then enjoy a cup-o-coffee at the end together. It’s probably not typical to do my speed work on a Sunday after a 20 miler followed by a 13 miler, but then when have I done anything the “normal” way. As a friend just said in a moment when I needed a little pick-me-up, “Think of yourself as the one wearing pink when everyone else is in black and white.”

And so, All Roads Lead to Boylston, and so does every run, but most importantly, so does every friend that strides alongside.

Groovy Girls Go…….The Pace of the Race


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